What’s In My Travel Bag

Hello! Today I decided to do a travel related post since I am currently on vacation. I always bring a bigger purse with me when I am traveling since I have more to fit into it. I chose to take this tassel bag from Old Navy that I actually featured in an outfit post last week. It is the perfect size and can hold everything in this post, as well as any food or bottled drinks that I might add when I actually take off. 

 Three things I always carry with me: a book, my agenda, and a notebook for blog ideas and anything I need to write down. I love taking my Kindle when traveling because I don’t have to drag 5 or 6 books with me that way. Just my Kindle!

 A wallet is also a necessity since you will need your ID and money. If you have tickets you might put those in your wallet as well. A pen is a must for my notebook and agenda, as well as if I need to sign anything. I love to use post it notes when I have to add something in to a notebook or agenda. Also, you never know when you might want to leave a little note behind somewhere! Gum or mints are also a great idea because you want to have nice breath! Also, I like to have something to chew on in case I’m hungry but it isn’t time to a meal yet. This specific gum is one I picked up a few weeks ago and I love the flavor!

 Hand sanitizer is a must when you will be using questionable bathrooms and touching other germ infested areas. Or you might use it if you just want your hands to smell good! Headphones are so important if you are traveling by plane, but also if you are in a car. If someone else is playing music that isn’t your taste or talking really loudly about something that doesn’t interest you, just pop in your ear buds. Lip balm is also a must have for me because my lips are constantly chapped. This lip butter is my favorite! I also like to have a lip color with me just in case I want to add some on before I arrive. A hairbrush is also a good idea in case you take a nap and your hair gets a little messy. A hair tie is great to keep on hand as well! Lastly, sunglasses are great in case you are by a window and the sun is in your eyes.

Here is one last overview of everything! 

What do you take with you in your purse when you travel? Tell me in the comments! 

xo, Scarlett