Sharp Objects Recap + July Book Collab


In case you missed it, this past month Sydney and I did a book collab and both read Sharp Objects. I ended up reading the majority of book in one day while I was traveling home… oops! I guess that shows that I really did like it! 

I do have to say that a few of the topics in the book were a little… different/more adult than Gone Girl. I tried to overlook the parts that weren’t necessarily the best because overall the book was really good and I loved the plot! It started out similar to Gone Girl where in the beginning the reader is pretty confused and not sure what is going on. But then when you start to learn more you are hooked! Similar to Gone Girl, the whole time you are making your own conclusions on who did what, and then every few pages you change your mind or your theory isn’t possible anymore. 

I do highly recommend it if you like mysteries!  I told my friend Sage about it, and she read it within a few days too and loved it!

Now for July, Sydney and I are planning on reading Gillian Flynn’s other book, Dark Places. I already got it from the library and cannot wait to start reading it! If you would like to join, please comment below and you will be included! Throughout the month we discuss where we are and if we have any questions or what we like/ don’t like at that point. It was so much fun in June and I can’t wait to do the July Collab!

If you want to be a part of July’s Book Collab, please don’t hesitate to comment below, tweet me, or even email me! 

xo, Scarlett