Monday Mash-up

This past week I had quite a bit of time to get stuff done. I rearranged and deep cleaned my room. And purged a lot of stuff which I was really happy about! I was also able to write quite a few blog posts, finish planning my July blog schedule, finish a project, clean out my inbox, and lots more! That being said, I also was able to find quite a few cool things to share with you guys this week!

Tea Time 

 I stumbled across this picture on Pinterest and I am obsessed with it.


Did you catch the story where an ex con man saves a baby’s life


Do you ever struggle with food cravings? I am pretty sure everyone does, so checkout this video! 

Sweet little accents! 

I love everything about this picture. 

 A cute way to style overalls 

Sloane nailed it again when styling these overalls. I have been tempted to pick up a pair of overalls, but I have yet to take the plunge… maybe I will after seeing Sloane style her pair!

courtney barich 

This story is really inspiring and I have so much respect for people who do stuff like this for great causes! 

Ever since seeing The Fault In Our Stars, I have loved this song even though it is so sad. 


How cute is this sleep romper


It has been so hot where I live this past week, so light and breezy shirts like this are perfect! 

What did you love in the past week? Share in the comments! Have a fabulous Monday!

xo, Scarlett