Junior Year Bucket List Recap

  1.  Go to a drive in movie
  2. Host a bonfire
  3. Go to the local Apple Orchard

  4. Go to the local pumpkin patch

  5. Go to homecoming
  6. Go on a picnic
  7. Go on a hayride
  8. Go to a haunted house
  9. Go to a concert
  10. Have a random acts of kindness day
  11. Go to a festival
  12. Have a leaf pile photoshoot
  13. Get a seasonal drink at Starbucks
  14. Buy a monogram pullover 
  15. Go in a corn maze
  16. Go on a hike
  17. Set off floating lanterns
  18. Go to a soccer game
  19. Go bowling
  20. Make caramel apple cheesecake cookies
  21. Go star gazing
  22. Go in a corn maze at night
  23. Buy Hunter Boots
  24. Make DIY glow in the dark bowling
  25. Make 10 things off of Pinterest (7/10)
  26. Have a pumpkin painting party   
  27. Send 5 handwritten notes just because (5/5)



Does this list look familiar? I wrote it at the beginning of the year when I finished my summer 2013 bucket list. I want to recap it for anyone who is interested.  I did 13 out of 27, so almost half. Like I have said before, it would be great to accomplish everything on my list. Maybe this summer I will, who knows. But the point of making them and posting them is so I will plan fun things and be spontaneous and have fun throughout the year instead of just sitting at home blogging. Though that is also very fun for me! When I came up with this list I never dreamed that I would end up doing some of things things I did, such as traveling to Spain and even France for a day!

Come back tomorrow to see my summer bucket list… I already have a few things crossed off! 

xo, Scarlett