Monday Mash-up

After a few week break from my Monday Mash-ups, I wanted to come back and share another one!


How precious is this?! 

Recently this has been one of my favorite songs!


And of course Fancy is another favorite because it is just so catchy!


I also have been sharing quite a bit on Instagram recently, so follow me if you don’t already! This was a picture from a brunch last Friday!


Also, I went dress shopping on my first day of summer, and I found this pretty black dress. I didn’t end up buying it, but I am still contemplating going back and getting it because I did like it. I am still unsure because I can’t decide if the jewels are tacky or not. It did fit well even though the shape might not be the most flattering… goodness I still can’t decide if I like it enough to buy it or not. Leave thoughts in the comments! Anyone who I asked on Instagram or in real life gave mixed feedback lol! 


Watermelon is finally back in season and this girl couldn’t be happier! 


Okay, last picture from Instagram, I promise. I just also had to share this smoothie because it was the best smoothie I have had in a long time. After finals on Tuesday I went to a local cafe with some friends. They have delicious italian food there, but all I got was this strawberry banana smoothie. And let me say, I didn’t regret it AT ALL. So yummy! 

Fruit cones 

I found these via Pinterest and they look delicious! A definite must for summer parties! 

That is all for this weeks Monday Mash-up! Check back next Monday to see the next one! 

xo, Scarlett

P.S. Yes, if you saw this up over the weekend, I apologize. There was a scheduling mistake and I didn’t catch it for a day or so since I was extremely busy! So I am sorry if you already read it!