The Boredom Battle


We have all said it before. “I’m bored.” When I was younger, I said it all the time. Maybe my life wasn’t very exciting. Maybe I really did have nothing to do. I am not sure, but now when I hear people say they are bored all I can do is stare. It is so hard for me to imagine having nothing to do. Between school, friends, family, babysitting, sports, and blogging, I always have something I could be doing. Today I decided to make a list of things I do when I could be saying “I’m bored.” 

  1. Workout
  2. Take a walk
  3. Play with a pet
  4. Write in your journal
  5. Read a book
  6. Read a magazine
  7. Paint your nails
  8. Clean your room
  9. Do homework
  10. Study for a test
  11. Work on a project
  12. Work ahead on schoolwork (If you know you have to do something soon, might as well just finish it now!)
  13. Listen to music
  14. Be artistic
  15. Organize something 
  16. Enter a giveaway or contest or scholarship if you are going to college!
  17. Pick out outfits for the week
  18. Play with a pet 
  19. Spend some time reading the Bible/spending time with God 
  20. Bake something

Now here is a list for bloggers out there. 

  1. Write a new post (or five!)
  2. Brainstorm possible post ideas
  3. Spend time pinning on Pinterest
  4. Spend time interacting on Twitter
  5. Style and post an instagram picture!
  6. Contact a company
  7. Contact another blogger about a collab
  8. Keep in touch with your bloggy friends! 
  9. Clean your inbox out and reply to every email
  10. Schedule posts or tweets 

Now I am sure there are a lot more things I could add to this list, but you get the point. Think for a few minutes and I can guarantee there is something you could be doing! In fact, I wrote this post on a night when I had NO homework or schoolwork of any sort… nothing even to work ahead on because it either hadn’t been assigned yet or I had already done it! So I decided to find something to do instead of just refreshing twitter every 10 seconds (we are all guilty of that.)

What  else do you do to battle boredom? Tell me in the comments!