30 Day Workout Challenges

I am not sure if I mentioned this last year or not, but in May of last year I did a 30 day squats challenge. It wasn’t too hard, but some days I just didn’t feel like doing 150 or however many squats. I pushed through and successfully completed the challenge, and I could actually tell a difference! My legs looked slightly more toned and I could tell they were stronger. Since then, I haven’t done any more challenges, but I found some interesting ones on Pinterest recently that I wanted to share.

Why I love 30 Day Challenges

  • First off, I love a challenge. So the fact that they are called challenges makes me want to do them and successfully complete them!
  • They are only 30 days long. You can do anything for just 30 days! It is great because the end is in sight. 
  • Usually they start out simple and add a little more every day. It is so gradual that you really don’t notice it until by the end you are doing  250 squats each day! 
  • You get rest days. I can’t stress how important this is to me because personally, I need a day or two off every once in a while. I push myself to keep going and rest days are kind of a small “reward.” Also, I love that if you forget or don’t have time one day, I just say that was my rest day and then don’t take the next designated “rest day” off. 

Here are a few good ones I found on Pinterest! 

 30 day ab challenge ... adding this to a 30 day pushup and squat challenge! 

Here's a plan for entire month of workouts: cardio, strength, and flexibility training.  

 30 Day Butt Challenge Fitness Workout - 30 Day Fitness Challenges 

Doing this!! Plus treadmill for 30 mins and some other cardio for 20 and adding in the same amount of push ups as sit ups!!

30 Day Push Up Challenge Fitness Workout - 30 Day Fitness Challenges

Have you done any 30 day Challenges? Will you do one of these? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett