9 Sick Day Essentials

I have been sick a lot this year, and other people I know have been sick recently as well. When I am sick I have some things that I must have, so I decided to share those essentials today! 

Sick Day Essentials

Sick Day Essentials by thetrendychick featuring C. Wonder


1. A good book- Recently I read The Fault In Our Stars and I recommend it to everyone! I really enjoyed it and I can’t wait to read more books by John Green!

2. Tissues- If you are sick with the common cold or even the flu, chances are you will need a box (or two) or tissues!

3. Hot Drink- When I get sick, many times my throat hurts or I am coughing along with it. A hot drink such as tea or hot chocolate really helps me feel better. Plus, if you are cold nothing warms you up like a cute mug filled with your favorite drink!

4. Comfy Pajamas- These are from J.Crew and so cute, but any pair of your favorite pajamas work. If you have visitors coming to bring you things while you are sick, you might want to wear ones that aren’t too worn though!

5. Cough Drops- As I mentioned above, I get sore throats and cough a lot when I am sick. Cough drops are a must for me to help with that. Nothing it worse than coughing and coughing in public with nothing to help!

6. Glasses- Now this is really only for people who have prescription glasses. When I am sick I generally don’t feel like putting my contacts in, so I always have my glasses handy.

7 Lip Balm- Even if I drink tons of water and tea when I am sick, I always seem to get a little dehydrated and my lips get really dry. To help with that, I love using this lip balm or my Nivea lip butters to soothe my lips!

8. Fuzzy Socks- My feet are constantly cold, and I love wearing fuzzy socks all the time, including when I  am sick!

9. Vicks VapoRub- If you are coughing a lot try putting some of this one your chest and on the bottoms of your feet. Then put on your favorite socks (or fuzzy socks) on your feet and your cough will calm down almost instantly! I have no idea why this works when you put it on your feet but it definitely does.

What do you need on a sick day? Anything I should try next time I am sick? Share in the comments!

xo, Scarlett