An app to help you be productive!

I discovered the 30/30 app about a month or so ago… I don’t remember where but I saw it on a website or heard about it in a Youtube video I think! 

I decided to give it a try and after the first day I was completely hooked. As most of you already know, I am a huge fan of to do lists, and this is even better! I still keep written short term and long term to do lists, but this is a huge help. 

You can add however many tasks you have for a given day. I usually put in all the tasks I had to do in the evening and timed everything. If I really wanted to be organized I would even add in breaks and dinner and stuff like that so I wasted no time. I highly recommend scheduling breaks in if you are doing something you don’t really want to be doing or don’t have a big variety in all your tasks, such as if they are all school related tasks. 

Here is a picture of one of my afternoons over Christmas Break. Since I was in between semesters I didn’t have any school work, but I still had things I had to accomplish. 

Displaying photo.PNG 

I generally allow a few minutes more than I think it will take, and then if I happen to get done early I have the choice of starting right in on the next task to give myself more time, or take a break until my next task starts. 

I also love how you can color code things, such as making all blog related tasks green and school related blue. You can also customize the little picture above the time limit, but I generally don’t change those. And you can change the time to fit you needs! 

If you are a big fan of to do lists and like to stay on track when doing tasks, I HIGHLY recommend this app! It is completely free too! And it definitely saved me during finals week when I had a million and one things to do! I wasn’t up past 1 a.m. any night lol! 

Have you tried this app? Are they any apps that help you when you are trying to be productive? Tell me in the comments!

xo, Scarlett