Amazing shoes for NYE!

First off I want to thank Scarlett for letting me write my word on her amazing channel The Trendy Chick and giving me the opportunity to share my love for shoes with all her trusted readers.

I am a big shoe enthusiast and I love everything shoes. I have a blog dedicated to everything concerning shoes, where I share with others what is new and what I love. The name of my blog is You are more than welcome to check it out!

I am very inspired to do this Guest blog, where I get the chance to share how easy it is to find amazing New Year Shoes on a budget of only $50. You don’t have to be rich to be beautiful! Let me show you!

New Year (shoes)
So we all know that the New Year is coming up really soon and I personally can’t wait to see what 2014 will bring, but before we get to that we have, oh so many amazing and festive things still to attend to.
By now Christmas Eve and morning is a beautiful memory, and what lies ahead is one Big Festive New Years Eve-Party! – The last shebang before the year is over and the last chance to make 2013 a fashionable and beautiful year to remember. What I love about New Year Eve parties is that it is “allowed” to go all out and wear something that you probably would not wear any other time of the year.

What to Wear?
 I know this post is about shoes, but really they go hand in hand with everything else you plan on wearing that night. In my opinion there are a few guidelines to follow if you want to get a beautiful and stylish look. Its very simple: Choose your shoes first! Not only is it easier to build your outfit around a really beautiful pair of shoes, but also it’s much easier to choose the perfect pair of shoes if nothing else is decided on yet. So…
A. Fall in love with a pair of shoes
B. Build on the rest of the look, based on the look of the shoe. If the shoe has a blue heel, wear a blue dress or a blue bow in your hair. Or if your shoes are going all out on color, wear something subtle to keep the focus on your shoes.

Displaying Picture number 1_New Year Look.jpg 
1. Penny Z Champagne heels for $49.99 at 2. Jersey Dress (low cut in the back) for $24.95 at hm.com3. Molly Cutwork Clutch for $30 from boohoo.com4. Mia Statement Three Pendant Irridescent Necklace for $30 from boohoo.com5. Tarte Cheek Stain in Awakening for $30 buy at ulta.com6. Sephora Collection Color Lip Last 12 Royal Raspberry for $13 from Sephora.com7. Virgin Cosmopolitan, what every girl needs! Follow link to get the recipe

– It’s really up to you, but by choosing your shoes first you make the “job” a lot
easier for yourself.

It is easy to fall in love with the super expensive designer shoes out there but
luckily a lot of beautiful and affordable shoes are also being produced so you
don’t have to miss out on the beauty. I have made a selection of some of the
designs I personally am in love with and they are most certainly in the running of
become my New Year Shoes. Hope you like them as much as I do.

Displaying Picture number 2_New Year Shoes.jpg
1. New Look EC Structure 3 Platform Court Shoes $45.35 from Asos.com2. New Look Web Silver Heeled Shoes $45.35 from asos.com3. Fergie Protest Pumps $29.94 from dsw.com4. Deluxe Faux Leather printed Stiletto Heel Woman’s Dress Pumps $42.99 from milanoo.com5. Sexy Colorful Faux Leather Snake Print Stiletto Heel Woman’s Dress Pumps $42.99 from

Thank you again Scarlett for letting me write this post and thanks to all that are in fact reading this. J I hope it gave you some inspiration for the big night.I wish you all a perfect New Year Eve and remember to be safe and have fun!Hopefully see you all in 2014!

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P.S. One last thing that is really important to remember is to bring a beautiful pair of flats that you can change into later in the night if your feet start hurting. They do help prolong the festivities.