2013 Goals Reflection

 Today I am going to reflect on the goals I made on New Year’s Eve last year! I am going to talk about why some of them got accomplished, and some of them didn’t.

  1. Reach 400 Bloglovin‘ Followers Well, this one obviously got accomplished! I currently have over 825 Bloglovin’ followers, and I am gaining more every day! 
  2. Reach 1200 GFC followers This one, on the other hand, did not get accomplished. I think it is because a lot more people (including myself) have switched over to primarily following blogs on Bloglovin, so I gained way more on there than I did on GFC!
  3. Reach 600 twitter followers Check check! Thank you to all my followers!
  4. Successfully host my first giveaway! Check! Thanks to everyone who entered my giveaways this year!
  5. Include more DIY posts, since I love doing them and most people like reading them I would say this one was pretty successful… from painting pumpkins to making ombre vests!
  6. Add a signature to the end of my posts I had one for quite a few months, but since I am making over my blog, I took it down for the time being.
  7. Add a blog button that others can grab on the side of my blog I have a button, but I am not displaying it in the side of my blog because I decided that’s kind of tacky, at least in my opinion! If I need it because I am advertising on a blog, then I have it available. So I would say this was succcessful!
  8. Add categories at the top of my blog to make different posts easier to find I began to do this, but haven’t added all the categories I wanted to add yet. So halfway done!
  9. Create a newsletter I decided it wouldn’t be worth my time until my blog grows more because I am not posting often enough or having enough special projects and stuff to write about in the newsletter!
  10. Create a survey to help me know what YOU want to see more of I also decided not to do this for many reasons, but please comment or tweet me any time you have comments and requests!
  11. Update my media kit check! I am very happy with the way it is right now, but I probably need to re-update it soon!
  12. Blog at least twice a week every week (gonna be hard some weeks!) I am not really sure if this was a success or not, but I didn’t go weeks without blogging like I did last year, so honestly I accomplished what I needed to!
  13. Try GIF’s on my blog for something different Another thing I decided not to do, but I did make a Vine for my blog which is sort of similar… lol not really but I tried something new! I also made an instagram, so that was a big accomplishment as well! 

Personal Goals-

  1. Keep my room cleaner and more organized Check! I have come up with a pretty good system to keep everything nice and neat!
  2. Work harder this semester to get better grades I can’t really remember what I got last year, but I know this semester I am doing really well, so I would say check!
  3. Get an actual job, even if it does take away from blogging I had a “nanny” job over the summer, which definitely took away from blogging and free time, but it was definitely worth it! So in some ways it was a real job, since I got paid over minimum wage! But in other ways it wasn’t, but I would still say it counts for this!
  4. Keep an open mind Uhh yeah… I have definitely done this! I have done so many (good) things in the past year that I never would’ve thought I would, and right now when you are reading this I will be somewhere in Europe!
  5. Exercise every day. Not because I need to lose weight, but so I can gain strength and muscle LOL no. I did not exercise every day, but, I did more than I have in past years. So I wouldn’t say I completed this, but I was making progress.
  6. Run at least twice a week in the summer even though I hate running Well I don’t really hate running anymore, so that’s a step in the right direction. But I didn’t run 2 times every week because many morning I had to be at work by 7 am so I really didn’t have time! But I ran after kids every day so that counts, right?! lo
  7. Make at least 1 healthy decision every day I would say most days I did, whether it was working out when I did not want to, or picking a piece of fruit over chips for a snack.
  8. Finally get a car! Check! The bad part comes now when there isn’t room in our garage for her, and I have to scrape snow and ice off in the mornings 🙁
  9. Have quiet time for 15 minutes every day During busy days, I really didn’t have time for this. But many days I did, so I would say this one is completed!
  10. Take shorter showers (yes, I take FOREVER in there, especially when it‘s cold outside!) um… no. I still take my time haha.
  11. Quit watching pointless shows on TV Check! I only have a few select shows I keep up with now, and many times they are on at different times throughout the year so I don’t watch like 4 a week or anything like that!
  12. Continue doing at least 1 random act on kindness everyday I don’t think I did one every day, but I have been making a conscious effort to do more, so this was pretty successful!
  13. Start playing the piano again and become better at it! Well, I learned one new song? That counts for something, right? 

Check back soon to see my 2014 goals! I spent the entire month of December making the list, so hopefully I can spend the next year accomplishing things! 

Did you accomplish your goals this year? What are some goals you have for the new year? Tell me in the comments!

xo, Scarlett