Wishlist Wednesday Is Back!

Guess what time it is? Almost Christmas! That means that all my holiday posts will be coming up soon, so to introduce a series I wanted to post a little post today. 

 It’s back! Last year I did a series leading up to Christmas called Wishlist Wednesday. Since it was a big hit last year, I decided to try it out again! Every Wednesday until Christmas I will be posting a themed gift guide. Most, if not all, will be written by other bloggers to help give you amazing ideas! 

I have many other Christmas and holiday ideas coming soon, including a possible giveaway so be sure to check back often! I also have tons of amazing guest posts lined up and lots of other exciting things! 

If you have any ideas for posts you would like to see, PLEASE leave them in the comments! I love love love doing requested posts!

Lastly, I am planning on doing a little updating around the blog, so if things look a little strange at some point, just ignore it and come back in a little bit once it’s all finished! 

Don’t forget to leave ideas in the comments! Come back next Wednesday to see the first Wishlist Wednesday of 2013!

xo, Scarlett