Scalloped Nail Tutorial!


 Recently I attempted to do a scalloped nail tutorial, and I actually love how it turned out!

 First I started with Sally Hansen’s Lacey Lilac as my base color.

The next step is to pick a second color that matches. I chose Coral Reef by Sally Hansen. Then paint a stripe up one side of the nail. Go to the middle and start a little higher and paint another stripe up. Lastly, start a little higher and paint a stripe up the other side. Your stripes should be wide enough that they overlap to create a solid color.


Lastly, I chose Revlon’s Gold Rush and did the exact same thing. I think it turned out really well, and I can’t wait to try it again in a few weeks with autumn nail colors! 

Have you tried scalloped nails? What color combo would you use? Tell me in the comments!