Summer Workout Ideas!

True :) 

Today I am going to share with you guys some summer workout ideas! I am going to include my favorite workout videos from Youtube, and some other ideas that I enjoy doing.

 Go for sore.

Youtube Playlist:

Lower Ab Workout

Standing Abdominals 

Glute Killer

Full Body Toning Workout 

Squats Challenge!  

Any of the HIIT workouts! 



Doing challenges (such as the squats challenge) is a great way to keep yourself motivated until you see results. You can take 10 minutes out of your day for 30 days, right? I did, and I saw decent results with the squats challenge inspired by Carly Rowena on Youtube! She also has arms, abs, etc challenges so take a look! 


No Gym Summer Activities: 

Honestly I don’t like going to a gym a working out. I prefer to go outside and workout at my own pace for however long I want or can that day! Recently I have been going on hour long bike rides with friends and family a few times per week, and it has been great! Also, just going on walks in the evening or running around your neighborhood can be a nice little workout to get in. If you have a pool or go to one often, swimming is another great idea! I also love playing volleyball and tennis, so if there is a sport you love, try getting a group together and playing a game just for fun!