The Sunday Synopsis {5.26.13}

The Sunday Synopsis {5.26.13}

 Since a lot of new things have happened recently, I thought I would do a synopsis today so you can be up to date on everything going on with The Trendy Chick! 

New Posts! 

6 Great Popsicle Recipes - Oreo Popsicles from Little Inspiration - Now that it is finally summer, I wanted to do a post about DIY popsicle
recipes I have come across. I personally love popsicles, and I think
they are perfect to eat while outside enjoying a nice summer evening or
to cool down with after a workout. READ MORE to find the recipe for the cookies and cream pops pictured and more!

Summer is just a few short days away for me, yet it can’t come fast
enough! As most of you know, I am in the midst of finals at the moment.
So I haven’t been posting recently, but I will get back into my regular
schedule soon. Anyways, these pictures are actually from the end of last
summer, and I remembered I never posted it. FULL POST!



 That’s right! I made an instagram this week! Unfortunately, thetrendychick was already taken on there, so I had to make my username “thetrendychickblog” so search that to find me! Or click here to see more pictures! As you can see I have already posted a variety and will continue to, anywhere from food, to sales, to ootd or notd pictures!


 I also got a vine recently, and if you don’t follow me on twitter, you probably didn’t know! I couldn’t find a way to add any of my vine videos to this post, but I will link the tweet that included my most recent vine in it! Or just search “thetrendychick” on vine to find me! I have posted a few ootds and I showed how I make an anchor on my nails!


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My Life!

Not a whole lot of new things going on in my life. Just glad it is finally summer break for me! Almost everyone I know is also on break, so it is great to meet up with friends who live near and facetime friends who live far away at 3am. 😉




This Wildfox shirt is perfect, but it is sold out anywhere I’ve looked!  

Where you come in! 

I’m going to be gone for about 10 days in the middle of June, so I am trying to find a few people who would be interested in guest posting on The Trendy Chick during that time. If you are interested, email me at for more details! I will try to schedule a few posts ahead of time though! And don’t be alarmed if you don’t see me on twitter or instagram or anything either, because this isn’t just a vacation. (Believe me, if I was going on vacation you would be hearing a ton from me lol!)  I am going on a missions trip and won’t have access to the internet or even my phone the entire trip.