Happy Mother’s Day + Update.


First off, Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers who are moms! I also hope everyone had a lovely day with their moms, or at least called to wish their moms a happy mother’s day! 

 Speaking of Mother’s Day, I am sad to say I won’t be with my dad on Father’s Day, because I will be on a missions trip, and I won’t even have my phone to wish him a Happy Father’s Day! The main reason why I am sharing this is because I will be looking for 2-3 guest posters for that week or the week after since life will be crazy! I am open to lots of different post ideas, so if you are interested, email me at k.jones1296@gmail.com and let me know! 

Lastly, I know I have been missing for a while. And after this post I am pretty sure I will be missing for at least another week. I am crazy busy, mainly with school since exams are next week! But thank goodness this is my last full week of classes. So with all of the end of the semester stuff and preparing for exams, I haven’t had any time to blog. Do stick around though, because I have tons of posts planned once I have enough time to sit down and write! 

If you are interested in seeing what I am planning to do this summer, read my summer bucket list! Chances are I will be sharing quite a few things I do this summer here, so feel free to request anything you would like to see!