Scarf Collection & Organization!

As some of you might know, I have a slight obsession with scarves. Anytime I go shopping it is pretty much a guarantee I will come back with at least one scarf! If you saw my last haul, I am sure you saw my scarf from that trip! lol anyways, since I do have quite I few, I thought I would share how I organize them and show each of them. Also, when I am talking about the scarves under each picture, I am going from left to right!

 Unknown, Target (Merona), Home made, Target.

 Kohls, Macy’s, Gordmans, Local Boutique.

 Pacsun, Charlotte Russe, Old Navy.

 Aeropostale*, Francesca’s Collections, Wrapsody, Wrapsody**.

This is how I actually store my scarves in my closet. This way I can see all of them when I am looking for scarves to wear! I put my ones that I wear in the spring in the front, since it is spring now, so they are easier to grab! If you are wondering, I just put this basket on a shelf in my closet, and it is about eye-level when I am picking out clothes. 

* Fun fact! This was the first scarf I ever bought, and probably the one that started my obsession even though I barely ever wear it anymore! 

** I bought these at a kiosk in the middle of a mall when I was on vacation. My mom and I each bought 2 because if you bought 4 they were only $10 each! I linked to their website where you can see what they have available now!