More Hours In A Day: Update


As most of you know, last weekend we lost an hour of sleep because we sprang forward! While I am looking forward to it being lighter later, I was not thrilled to lose an hour of sleep. I want to apologize for not posting much since Sweetheart Series ended, but I just wish there were more hours in a day! But I just wanted to write this post to update you guys on the blog and my life and tell you what is coming up. Also, since it has been over 2 months since my resolutions post, I thought I would do a quick update to let you all know what has been up with those! So this really has nothing to do with fashion, but a few of my faithful readers might be interested so I am going to share.

Pinterest, Social Bliss, and Polyvore?

If you follow me on any of these sites, you will know that I have been letting them go recently too. I just don’t have a lot of time with school and working and everything else in life to spend a lot of time on any of them. My spring break is in a week though, and I am planning to give each of these a little TLC during it. 


One bad blogger habit of mine is not replying to comments or not commenting on other posts I read. It is such a simple thing that I am trying to remember to do more recently! 

Blog Goal Failures

  • I have definitely gotten a great start on gaining new followers and getting more pageviews, so thanks for that! 
  • I successfully hosted my first giveaway! 
  • More DIY posts? One is coming up very soon! 
  • Signature? Check! 
  • blog button, catagories, newsletter, survey, update media kit, and gifs? Not so much, but give me time ;)
  • Blog twice per week? Erm… no. But I have done a pretty good job keeping up! It’s not like I left for more than a week at a time or so.    

 Personal Goal Failures? 

  • Keep my room cleaner and more organized? Yes! Surprisingly this has become pretty easy for me! Now just to tackle the rest of my house 😛 
  •  Get better grades? Not so much… they have stayed about the same. But I still have time! 
  • Actual job? Not yet, but I have still been working non-consistently so I have a little income. 
  •  Keep an open mind? So far so good! 
  • Exercise daily? Well… I was going good at first, then started to slack a little. Then a few weeks ago I got the flu and I obviously couldn’t keep going then. Now that I am feeling better I am getting back into it though! 
  • Car? Yes! Finally have my own car and can drive wherever whenever I want to! Which makes taking outfit pictures outside easier! 
  • Quiet time for 15 minutes? Some days, yes. Most days, no. 
  • Shorter showers? Um… no. 
  • Watch less pointless TV? Yes! And if I do want to watch a show I like, I will do it while replying to comments or cleaning up or even doing my hair. Multi-tasking is amazing! 
  • 1 Random Act of Kindness per day? Most days I have been fairly good at this! 
  • Play piano? Not yet, but hopefully over the summer! 

Organization April! 

Coming soon to The Trendy Chick! I already have lots of ideas planned for this series, but if you have any ideas that you want me to include, feel free to request them below! 
Also, please email me at if you would like to guest post about organization during the month of April on The Trendy Chick! Some ideas that you could write about are organizational tips, DIY organization projects, blogging related organization, makeup organization,desk organization, etc