Shindig’s by Scarlett: Post-Christmas Party!

You know that feeling you get when all the presents have been opened, the food has been eaten, and the wrapping paper is all crumpled up around the room? Yes, I get this feeling every year and I have named it “Post Christmas Depression.” Perhaps you even get it too? Well if you do, I am going to share a tip with you today to help you battle this depression… make post-Christmas plans! Here are some ideas for this year that I am going to do!

December 26: Fight the crowds and go post-Christmas shopping! You will be amazed by all the deals, even if the lines are longer than on Black Friday!

December 27: Go ice-skating with your girlfriends (or your significant other.) Spend an evening ice-skating, and when you are done go treat yourself to some Starbucks to warm up! Perfect night out!

December 28: Have a cookie exchange party, complete with ugly Christmas sweaters (who cares if it is after Christmas?! Might as well wear them one more time before they get packed away for next year!) and a hot chocolate bar! This idea is the main one I am going to be talking about today.

If you have never done a cookie change before, traditionally they are where the host invites anywhere from 4-15 people. The more people that come, the more cookies you go home with, but you also have to make more to account for everyone. Normally everyone brings enough cookies so you can sample a few while you are there, and then everyone goes home with 6 or so of each kind. You can have it where everyone gets a set amount of each type of cookie so everyone goes home with the exact same thing. Or you can do the kind where people walk around a table and pick the ones they want, so everyone goes home with the same amount that they brought, just different kinds.

This is a great list I found on Martha Stewart if you are considering hosting a cookie exchange party. It gives lots of details, and has cute pictures!

Another great idea if you are hosting one is making it a little creative. This can include prizes, a hot cocoa bar, and maybe even decorate some sugar cookies together!

 Here are some of my favorite Hot Chocolate Bar ideas!

a peppermint & tinsel christmas party {stevie pattyn for shop sweet lulu} I love the color scheme of this one. I would change a few things to keep with the hot chocolate theme, but overall I think this one is one of my favorites!

  I also like the idea of putting lots of different ingredients in different bowls so guests can choose exactly what they want to put in their cocoa. Also, the signs are a must-have unless you want someone to put toffee instead of chocolate in their drink! Personally, I think whipped cream, marshmallows, candy canes (crushed or normal), toffee, and cinnamon are a must! Also, I love the color scheme of this one too, especially if you are hosting after Christmas and want to stray away from the reds and greens!

Are you ready to host your Cookie Exchange/ Hot Chocolate Bar party? Either way, you should checkout the board I made on Pinterest for more similar ideas! Lots of great recipes and hosting tips on there! Don’t forget to follow to see more previews for future posts!

Also, keep watch for a new hot chocolate recipe and a cookie recipe that I am going to be posting soon! Just in time for your Cookie and Cocoa Party! 

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xo, Scarlett