Holly Jolly Nail Tutorial!

Need an easy, last minute, Christmas nail tutorial?

Well look no further! All you need to recreate the Holly Jolly Nail Tutorial is a gold or silver nailpolish, a red, a green (which I don’t have pictured above!), and then a white, black and gold sparkle nail art polish. I buy Kiss Nail Art polished from Walgreens for my designs!

 First, paint all your nails either gold or silver. I chose a color that is kind of in between, but more gold than silver!

Then paint your leaves on your ring finger. I chose a green glitter nail polish that I got in a set from Icings, but any green will work. Then outline your leaves in black and put a black stripe in the middle. I found that doing both of those really helped them to look like leaves!

Make sure you leave room for your berries!

 Add 2-4 small red dots as berries. Make sure they aren’t spaced too far apart, because that will make the next step more difficult!


Then outline your berries in black as well. You could outline everything at the same time if you wanted, but I just did it separately. Also, here is when I added some gold glitter on top of the leaves, just to make them shimmer a little more!

Lastly, here is the picture I instagrammed of them when they were done. I decided to add a little white on the berries, and I feel like it completely the look.

And there you have it! If you try this look at, please tweet me a picture or tell me in the comments! Also, let me know what you are doing tomorrow for Christmas! I love to hear how everyone celebrates!

xo, Scarlett