The Trendy Chick Does WHAT?!

 See this bag? Guess what’s in it. No, it isn’t your everyday lotions, sprays, and candles. In fact, it is something you can’t buy at BBW!

 That’s right. I knit! Did you know? I am assuming not 😉

 Here is a scarf I finished about 6 months ago…

 Look at how cute it is going to be this winter!

I really enjoy knitting while watching tv or youtube… it keeps my hands occupied and I feel like I am accomplishing something instead of just sitting there staring blankly at a screen!

Do you knit? Or do you have a “secret” that most people don’t know? I mean, it isn’t like I try to keep this a secret, but you know, knitting really doesn’t come up all that often in conversation!

xo, Scarlett