The Friday Five {8.3.12}

It is time for another Friday Five post! This week I am just going to get right into it:


1 I love these shirts from Old Navy. I just bought this particular one this past week, and it will be perfect for back to school time. Right now they are actually on sale, too!

2This scarf from Charlotte Russe is SO adorable. I have seen it a couple times in store, and looking back I can’t believe I walked out without it. Pair this with a basic v neck for a cute summer look, or with a cardigan for a fabulous fall outfit! Plus, it is only $9.50!

3Another thing that I have been loving lately is chambray shirts! They are so cute, especially when paired with colored jeans! I think they will be good to pair with some of  the wacky jean trends that are in style for fall 2012. I have been on the lookout for an affordable one that is just a longer, preferably one that covers my backside! This particular one is from Pacsun, and is $36.50.

Fishtail Braid Nails Nail Art Tutorial & Swatches
via Pinterest
4Something new I tried this week was the FishTail nail design! It took me quite a while, and I would do some things differently next time, but overall I LOVE the look! It looks way more complicated than it really is. If you guys would like me to post a tutorial on how to get this look, comment below! I would be more than happy to do it.

5So this last one is VERY random, but it has been such a life saver in the past couple of weeks! STICKY NOTES! Between the blog, getting ready to go back to school, interviews, meetings, and so much more, I need a way to remember it all. And I am a person who loves writing lists down and then actually checking things off when I am done. So sticky notes are perfect! I also use the sticky notes thing on my computer, and of course, my phone and planner!

Comment below if you would like to see the Fishtail nail tutorial, or any other nail tutorials! Also, if you have any requests for my Back To School series, comment below! I will be starting that in just a week or two!

xo, Scarlett