Back to School Blitz: Haul!


Hey again! To continue this back to school series, I thought I would add in a haul. As you can see from the overviews, this was two separate trips. Sorry if I kind of go off topic in this post too… because I might!

Blue Button Up: Old Navy ($25)

Sweet and Flirty Spray: Victoria’s Secret ($8)

Purple “PINK” dog: VS ($10)*

Candy, Baby Lip Gloss: VS ($8)*

Owl PocketBac Holder: Bath and Body Works ($5)

Pocketsbacs: BBW ($5)

Warm Vanilla Sugar body lotion: BBW ($10)* 

Coral Cardigan: Windsor (?)**

White Cardigan: Windsor (?) **

Periwinkle nail polish: For Love 21 ($2.80)

Plaid Button Up: Old Navy ($25)***

*I got all 3 of those items for free because I had coupons. I definitely recommend just searching “printable coupons” online for whatever stores you plan on shopping at. That is how I got the free lip gloss! So for buying an $8 spray, I got the dog for free (because of a promotion) and the lip gloss for free! Then, as most of you know, Bath and Body Works almost always gives out coupons when you buy something. So I had one that if I spent $10, I got a free Signature item. I just decided for buy a lotion that would be good for fall and winter! 

** I am still confused about these which it why I don’t know the prices. So the tags said $18.90, which is pretty good for cardigans, but they each have a teeny tiny snag in them which won’t be noticeable and I can easily sew to make it good as new. But since they have the snags, I got 10% off. Then for some reason, one of them only rang up for like $7. So I got two really cute cardigans for only $25. Score! 

*** I had a 25% off coupon for Old Navy when I went this time. So it was actually only around $20! 

If you guys haven’t already figured it out, I love getting good deals. I always just take a few minutes to google coupons the day before I go on a shopping trip, and I always bring ones I have already, even if I think I won’t use it. Also, always ask if at the checkout if you can get a little bit off if something small is wrong with a piece that you want to buy. Now, if it is something really noticeable, you obviously just shouldn’t buy it. 

That concludes this haul, but I am sure I will have another soon! Tell me in the comments if there are any posts you would like to see in my Back to School Blitz series that I have not done yet. I love doing posts that readers have requested! 

xo, Scarlett