The Friday Five! {7.27.12}

Hey everyone! It is Friday again! And while most people are probably ecstatic that it is Friday, I am sad. It means I only have a couple more weeks left of summer. But since I don’t want to dwell on that fact, let’s just get right into this Friday Five post! If you didn’t read last weeks, I encourage you to read it here.

1. The first thing I have been loving this week is colorful skinny belts. I have seen them on a lot of different blogs, and I want to get in one the fun! Paired with a neutral colored patterned shirt and jeans is how I would wear these belts. These are both from Forever 21 and cost $4.80 each.  Tell me in the comments where you have seen cute colorful belts! I know J Crew has some, but I just can’t make myself pay that much for just a belt, even though it is much better quality than Forever 21. 


I have been seeing these scalloped lace shorts on tons of people recently, and for only $16.90, who wouldn’t want them? They are also from Forever 21, and I love the color! Here is one blogger I saw wearing them.  


3I have also been loving Pocketbacs from Bath and Body Works!  I have gone to the doctors a couple times recently, and put this stuff on every 10 minutes or so! Also, just when I am out and about  I like to put it on occasionally. I am planning on doing a post about these soon in my Back To School Series, so keep watch for that! Also, if you have any requests for my back to school series, or any ideas on what to call it, please leave them in the comments!


Link to where I found this picture.

4I have seen this picture a couple of times on Pinterest in the past, and I love it! Love the hair, the headscarf, the pose, how pretty she is, the milkshake, even the tattoo (and I am not really a fan of big tattoos like that!) Love the vintage feel also! 

perfect for a small apartment or dorm room! 

5This is a picture I found on Tumblr. It is an amazing idea that I want to try eventually. I have been wanting to add an ottoman to my room for a while (I would add one to my closet but I have a tiny closet that has NO room for anything like this) and this would be perfect to store part of my shoe collection in as well! 

Be sure to tell my in the comments if you know any places to buy cute skinny belts or if you have any ideas for my back to school series!

xo, Scarlett