Seven Summer Shades {2012}

 From left to right: Mint Sorbet (Sally Hansen), Wind Fall (Revlon), Blue Me Away! (Sally Hansen), Purple (Forever 21), Posh Pink( Rimmel London), Posh Pink (Revlon), Tropical Temptation (Revlon). 

Here are my favorite nail polishes for summer! And the Forever 21 nail polish really is just called “purple”. AND both the pinks are really called “posh pink.” I didn’t notice that until I was writing this because they are so different from each other! There isn’t too much to say about the polishes, except that they are all really pretty colors and I would recommend them all! Are there any colors that are missing that you would recommend?

Also, comment below and tell me how you store your polishes! I probably have close to 100 bottles, and I don’t enjoy having to use 3 different boxes to store them in. So, I need some ideas on new ways to store them.

xo, Scarlett