Jewelry Haul!

  An overview of all the jewelry I have recently bought.

 An adorable elephant necklace and a heart necklace that says “love” dozens of times.

 I was really feeling pearls… can you tell? Love them both!

 Ear cuff from Claire’s; orange flower earrings I bought out of town!

A look at the ear cuff on… if you are interested they also sell them at Icings. 

I bought the 2 necklaces and the 2 bracelets at a local boutique, so I can’t tell you where they are from 🙁 But they were having an amazing 5/$10 deal, so I quickly found 5 amazing pieces. I gave one to a close friend for her birthday though! 

Similar Bracelet here

Similar flower earrings here

Lately, I have been wearing more and more jewelry, so I thought I should pick some more pieces up! Do you have one piece of jewelry that you wear almost constantly? I would love to hear about it in the comments!