DIY Bobby Pin Holder.

 Today I want to show you guys an awesome DIY project I found on Pinterest! It is super easy to make, it looks really cute, and it is functional! All you need is an old tic tac container, scissors, scrapbook paper, scrapbook adhesives, and bobby pins!

 Take a pencil and mark on the non-patterned side of the paper exactly where you want to cut. Carefully cut it out, then use your scrapbook adhesives to secure the paper to the container. (Make sure you peel off the tic tac label before hand!

This last step is optional, but I added a tiny strip of paper on top where you open it, and I added a plain white piece to write “bobby pins” on, just in case I ever forgot what was in it 😉

Let me know how you store your bobby pins in the comments below!

xo, Scarlett