TOMS review part 1:

As you can tell, I purchased my first pair of toms about a week ago. Only one store where I live sells them, so it was the obvious choice. I went with my good friend (who we will call L). L was buying her third pair of toms! So I figured it was time I bought some, since I had heard how comfortable they were and I had been wanting them for a while. Once we got there, I decided I wanted black. So after L bought hers, I got sized. I am normally an 8, but they normally suggest you go down from your normal size about half a size. So we began with the size 8 and started working down. 8: wayyy too big. 7 1/2: still too big. 7: a little big 6 1/2: comfortable 6:tight. The guy there assured me I needed the six because you are supposed to buy them tight and they stretch. So, I believed him and went on my merry way! But once I got home and tried to actually walk in them, it was so painful. Regardless, I knew they couldn’t stretch enough to be comfortable. So, this week I need to go back to the store and exchange them for a 6 1/2. I am not disappointed in toms at all, I promise! They look so cute on my feet and I love them in general. I just need to find the right size! But I am VERY disappointed in the store, specifically, the guy who helped me and L. Personally, I think the only reason L got the right size is because it was her third pair and she knew what size to get! The only person I am blaming for this is myself and the guy at the store. He should have let me walk around in both to see which was more comfortable, and even if he didn’t, I should have known to do that!

Stick around to read part 2 after I have exchanged them to see what happens! Also, if you would like me to do a post on different ways to style toms, please leave a comment below telling me!

xo, Scarlett