DIY shorts!


I found a picture of these shorts on pinterest. They are super cute, right? Until you look on the website and see that they are well over $100. Um, no thanks! But I have an amazing solution for you guys, and it costs well under $20. 

DIY: Distressed, Bleached, Dip Dyed, Ombre, Studded Jean Shorts Making these DIY jeans can save you over $100! And look at how cute and similar they are? If you want to see how, just watch this video by riannstar on youtube! She explains everything SO well.

Loooove. #RunWayDreamz 

These are super cute too, right? But their price is not cute in any way! And just today I came across a video DIY for them, too. I really recommend youtubing DIY videos because there are some amazing ones on there! I always tweet the links to any that I really like, so don’t forget to follow me on twitter!

I also pin a lot of fashion pins on pinterest, so you can follow me on there to get ideas too!

DIY Studded, Distressed Flag Shorts - MissBel01xox Click here to see the tutorial on how to recreate these American flag shorts just in time for 4th of July!

DIY: Pink Ombre & Studded Shorts! Click here to see another adorable way to make your own shorts! I tweeted about this tutorial a couple days ago because I loved it so much! I am also loving all these ideas for summer, and I can’t wait to try some of them out myself! I honestly don’t get why some people pay hundreds of dollars for something you could make yourself fairly easily for little to no money!

Please comment below and tell me if you have made any cute DIYs this summer, or if you plan on making any! If you have any pictures of ones you made, I would love to see them too! 

xo, Scarlett