Thrift Shopping Tips!

As some of you might know, I love to go thrift shopping! It is so fun to dig through racks of clothes to find that perfect piece for only a couple of dollars!

1. Now you hear everyone say this, but it is true. Look through every rack!! I have found XL stuff that fits me and I have found XS stuff that I love too! I even look through the mens and the older kids racks. I have found lots of oversized button down shirts and oversized shirts that I use for DIY projects in the mens sections. I also found the cutest cropped jean jacket in the kids section. No it wasn’t supposed to be cropped but since it was a size 8 in girls, it is cropped on me!

2. NEVER ask if they have a certain piece in a different size. This is a thrift store, not your local boutique so 99% of the time they won’t have another one and the other 1% of the time they will say maybe but have no idea where it is!

3. ALWAYS wash things that you buy before you wear them! Also, I hardly ever buy shoes unless it is a good deal because you can’t really wash them and you never know who has worn them!

4. Always check for stains and tear in clothes. I check at all stores for those, but especially at thrift stores because there are likely to be some!

5. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to shop! It takes a while to go through stuff and trying on takes a while too!

Hope those tips helped you guys and let me know if you would like to see some DIY posts in the future!
X, Scarlett