Jewelmint Look alikes for cheaper!

Do you love Jewelmint, but hate that you have to pay $30 for a piece of jewelry? Well I know I do! So this month I found 5 different pieces I loved! FIVE!!! And since I obviously can’t get all 5 off Jewelmint, I tried to find some dupes. So I decided I would show you the dupes that are cheaper and just as cute!
The first picture is the one from Jewelmint. The second one is the dupe off Etsy for only $16!

The first picture is off Jewelmint and the second one is off Etsy for only $12! 

 You know which one is which 😉 so I couldn’t find one similar to the one off Jewelmint besides this one also off Etsy. So this might be one that is you love, you will need to splurge on! The one off Etsy is only $16 though, so if you like it I would recommend it!

This one was also hard to find one that looks similar but if the thing that you love is the statement pearl on a gold ring, then you should love this look alike from Etsy  for only $16!