Turquoise jewelry!

Recently, I have been seeing a lot of turquoise around. Turquoise is a color that always seems to be in around the spring time and into early summer. This year, coral and turquoise are really trendy when worn together! I will do a post about how to pair the two successfully soon! But in this post I am going to show you some adorable turquoise accessories.
Forever 21, $5.80. Having layered bracelets are also a major trend that is happening right now!
Forever 21, $4.80. This necklace is the finishing touch to any bohemian type of outfit you plan on wearing!

 Forever 21, $4.80. These earrings are great because they only add a hint of turquoise, which makes any outfit a tad bit more sophisticated!

Forever 21, $6.80. Scarves are always in style, and who wouldn’t want to add a pop of turquoise to their outfit for only $6.80?!