Spring Nailpolish Trend!

Here is one of the spring nail polish trends.


Coral and turquoise nail polish are both in this season. Used together or separately, though you can pair them together and make them look cute! 

These two colors are both from Revlon. The first one is Craving Coral and the second one is Wind Fall. I am wearing both of them right now and would HIGHLY recommend them. I didn’t even have to use two coats to get the color I wanted! Also, I found both of these at my local Big Lots at separate times. The first time I got Craving Coral along with a different one for $2. Yes, that means they were $1 a piece! I got the same deal with Wind Fall and I got a sparkly gold color with it, though I forget the name. Also, I would go to Ulta if you are in the market for a couple new Revlon nail polishes. I can almost always seem to find some on clearance or highly marked down there!

X, Scarlett