Style Me Like a Pretty Little Liar Part 1

Over the next week or so I am going to recreate different looks from different Pretty Little Liars characters. Today I am going to focus on this simple, yet classy look from Hanna Marin:

And don’t worry if Pretty Little Liars isn’t your thing, because one of them might just have your style. They all dress very differently, but always look put together and ready to face the day.


 $8.50-$15.80- Forever 21

There were a few different ideas to use as the skirt. I would suggest following the red color because it adds such a sophisticated pop of color to the outfit without making it seem immature. Next I would suggest just using a basic cream tee or tank top. If the skirt doesn’t have a black top or come with a belt, I would suggest just adding a simple, thick black belt. Hanna is also just wearing simple black shoes, but it is hard to tell whether they are flats or heels, so just pair it with whichever you find the most comfortable. Here is an idea for a blazer, but remember you can experiment with pieces you already own and try new looks!
$27.80- Forever 21

And last but not least, the necklace. This outfit does look better with a statement necklace, so pair it with one you already own  or take a look at some of these:
$5.80- Forever 21
$10.80- This is almost the exact piece she is wearing so I am going to give you the exact link: It also comes in silver, so pick whichever color suits your skin tones best or whichever one will mark the any other accessories you are going to wear!
$7.80- Forever 21

That is all, but i promise there is more to come! I also just realized that everything I showed in this post was from Forever 21… my bad! But it is so cheap and cute and they have thousands of pieces to choose from! Next time, I promise not to have so many F21 pieces!