Chevron Pattern! Spring12Style

Have you ever seen something with this pattern? Well did you know it had a name besides “zigzag”? Well, it does! It is called “chevron” and it is a really trendy pattern this season!
This dress from Forever 21 is only $17.80 and it incorporates the chevron style along with bright, bold colors. This dress is definitely perfect for someone wanting to make a statement this season!
This $22 dress from Forever 21 is more for those of you who want to sport the latest trend while not standing out too much. This dress is a classic piece that also includes pastels, which are very hot this spring as well.
 For those of you who are often seen wearing a cheetah print scarf, this ones for you! The bold pattern from is perfect for a scarf and will keep you in style this spring, without looking like you tried too hard! The only downfall is that it is $38. Halogen makes this scarf, and you can buy it at Nordstrom.
This piece from Pacsun is very unique and it is only $8.50!