Tribal Print is still in for 2012!

There are a couple new trends for Spring 2012, but a lot are the same as last spring or summer. Tribal print is one that is still in and still going strong. Forever 21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, or PacSun are all good places to look for affordable Tribal print pieces. I recently read an article that said it is better to buy accessories that fit in with the trend and have simple clothes to pair the different accessories with. Now while in some cases this is a good piece of advice, sometimes it doesn’t apply! With Forever 21 prices and trendy clothes that are on sale, it is okay to get some clothes for the trend. Since it is cheap, it is fine to give away after one season. Now, I wouldn’t go and buy a $100 top for a trend that could be done by next season. So here are some cheap, but cute, alternative to help you stay trendy in tribal print this season!
$9.50- Charlotte Russe. This piece would be a great addition to your wardrobe because it can be dressed up or dressed down. Since it does have a lot of black in it, it isn’t the ideal summer piece, though.
Can’t go wrong with tribal print swimwear. This piece just SCREAMS spring and summer to me! Wet Seal- $17.50-
Delias- $9.99-

This will make a normal outfit turn into a tribal inspired outfit! GoJane- $12.95-  
Perfect for partying over spring break! Asos- $30-

So stay in style this season and pick up a tribal piece next time your out!