Non tacky Christmas Sweaters!

First, i thought i would do a post about non tacky Christmas Sweaters. I will warn you, a lot of these are from Forever 21, not really sure why. Also, soon i will do a post about tacky/ugly Christmas sweaters, because every girl should own one! This year, ugly Christmas sweater parties are becoming frequent, so you never know when you’ll need one!

This sweater is only $11.50! And while it is not the best quality, it will last you through the season! It is also available in navy and rust colors.
This sweater will be perfect if it is one of those lazy days when you only don’t feel like dressing up. Just slip on this sweater and a cute skirt or some pants and you’re all set! It is $25 and believe it or not this oatmeal color is appearing more and more.

This is a super pretty sweater, but you could only wear it around Christmas or St. Patricks Day. BUT for only $19.80, if you only wear it a couple times it is no big deal!

This sweater is so cute and could be worn so many different ways this season! It is $24.

This sweater would be perfect to wear to the New Year’s Eve party you just scored an invite to! It is only $23, but it looks more expensive than that!

This would be perfect to wear to classes or to work around Christmas time. It’s just festive enough, but not overdone!

You know that Christmas party your BFF having? Well you will be the most talked about girl (in a good way!) if you wear this showstopper! This one is $33, so a little pricey for F21, but maybe that just means the quality is better?

This is one of my favorites because it is only $23 and it is very unique!