Bath and Body Works Dupes!

Here are a couple things i have found that are similar to the actual products or clothing piece, but less expensive!

Bath and Body works Pink Sugar Plum costs around $10, while Avon’s Sugar Plum and Vanilla only costs around $7. But it gets even better. Right now there is a 5 piece set of the Sugar Plum and Vanilla for only $9.99!!! That’s a $35 value! Now, the scent isn’t exactly the same as BBW’s, but it is very close and if you like theirs, i am sure you will like avon’s too! Go to to find a representative near you!

The second dupe we have is from Warm Vanilla Sugar. This one isn’t as close as the one above, but if you like Warm Vanilla Sugar you will love this!  It is called Brown Sugar Vanilla, so as you can see the name is close too! You can buy thi at Walmart, Walgreens, Ulta, etc. It is around $5 depending on which product you buy.

Hope this designer dupes guide was helpful to you and if you have any clothing, accessory, or beauty dupes, let me know by commenting or emailing me at